​'Without vision the people perish' (Prov. 29:18).
Engage Southwest seeks to:

  • Engage the South West of England (Devon, Somerset and Cornwall) with God! To see growing, vibrant, family based, spirit filled churches established, restructured, repurposed and planted, engaging communities with the life, love and power that comes from God

  • See many churches in different locations established (church of 1000 people)

  • Resource and empower the next generation of leaders

Why change the name from Carmel to Engage Southwest?

For the last forty years we thank God for everything that has been accomplished at Carmel. We thank God for the past and we honour the past, including the incredible leaders and ministries that have made the Church what it is today.

Engage Southwest certainly brings the church into a new era with a new purpose. 

The South West of England (Devon, Somerset and Cornwall) needs to be impacted and engaged with the life and love of God. Many churches in this area have either closed down or are struggling under the demands of what the 21st century is throwing at them. Many other churches simply see the need to ‘join forces’, to ‘engage’ with like minded churches, to become part of something bigger – where resources and ministries are shared, where team leadership and apostolic ministry is encouraged, and where there is accountability. 

This is not to build empires but to simply see the Kingdom of God extended throughout the southwest of England and His church established.