Values are the ‘DNA’ of a church. The values we have define our identity, what we stand for and how we aim to impact the South-west of England.

Live well

I have come that you may have life

and life to the full

John 10:10

At Engage Southwest living well means:

  • Living with Jesus as the motivation behind everything we do.
  • Living to see people of all ages know and have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Living well in our communities, with family, friends, neighbours and acquantainces.
  • Living well through united leadership and by submitting to Godly authority.
  • Living knowing our future is greater than our past.
  • Living expectant that God will move by his spirit in Plymouth, Devon and the South West of England.  

Love much

Love God, Love people

Matthew 22:37-40

At Engage Southwest we aim to be a church where all, whatever their background, will be welcomed, loved and cared for. Loving much means:


  • Loving God and loving the people around us.
  • Loving worship (incl. prayer, tithing, giving).
  • Loving the bible.
  • Loving looking after, providing for and helping with the needs of our church family, community and country.
  • Loving our enemies.

Laugh often

A cheerful heart is a good medicine

Proverbs 17:23

At Engage Southwest we believe that church should be fun and that there should be laughter in church. Laughing often means:

  • Enjoying good fun times with our church family and friends.
  • Reminding each other not to take things too seriously all the time and to enjoy the life that God has given us.