Common Questions

Here are answers to some common questions that we hope will help you understand the decision you have made and exactly how to build a relationship with God.

What does putting your 'faith in Jesus' and 'following God' mean?

Putting your faith in Jesus, means believing Jesus is the son of God, lived a sinless life (never went against God) and that he died and then rose again to pay the debt for every mistake, sin (going against God) and downfall you ever made so that when God looks at you, he also sees a sinless life (as if you've never gone against God) because Jesus took your sin when he died on the cross. 


John 3:16 says this: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus) so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have life forever."


To follow God means to lay down everything you have, in order to live the life he wants you to. To trust that his plan for your life is better than your own and to go after God when circumstances in your life are good and even when they're bad. 

How do I pray?

Praying is simply talking to God. You can do it out loud, in your head or even continually throughout your day. There is no specific way to pray, although Jesus gave us a prayer model when the followers of his day asked him how to pray, that you can read about in Matthew 6:9-13.


Here are some other ways you can pray:

  • Thank God

  • Ask God

  • Share what is going on in your life with God

  • You can even moan to God



Other recommended reading:

Jesus is ______ by Judah Smith

Jesus Is Changing My Life by Young people from Rocknations

New Christians Booklet (ignore cheesy images and words you may not understand)





What is The Bible & how do I read it?

The Bible is an incredible book, it was written by over 40 people all inspired by God to write. We believe that The Bible is 'The Word of God' meaning it is the message God purposefully crafted for us to read. 


The Bible:

  • Shows you who God is

  • Shows you who you are

  • Is your Guide for living life


How do I read the Bible?


Scripure - Read what the Bible says.

Observation - Make an observation about the verse. What is it telling you?
Application - How can you live this out in your life? 
Prayer - Pray that God will empower you to live out what it says.


Where should I start?

Start by reading Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (Found in the New Testament, which is the second half of The Bible). These books are written by people who personally spent time with and followed Jesus, it will shape your view on who Jesus is, what he did and how you can follow him. Make sure you choose a version of The Bible that you can understand, we recommend the New Century Version

How can I help out at New Era?

New Era happens every week because of the young people who dedicate themselves to volunteering! There are many areas in which you can volunteer such as: 


  • Connection team (High Fiving people as they come in, signing people in at ID, Setting up/Putting out chairs, Taking photos on the photobooth, Serving on the Food Bar)

  • Pre-Show team (Leading games, Generating ideas for games, Bringing the fun!)

  • Worship/Media team (Playing an instrument, Singing, Graphic Design, Creating Videos, Lyric projection)

  • Social Media team (Posting updates on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)


Another great way you can help out is simply by bringing your mates along with you! 


Volunteering will grow your faith in a practical way and allow you to use your gifts and talents for God. 


If you would like to serve, contact us through one of the following links or talk to one of our leaders about it in person.